Endangered and Threatened Species Surveys

At White Water Associates, endangered and threatened species surveys are conducted by our qualified biologists. Field work is conducted according to state and federal regulations and under appropriate permits. Our goal is to perform comprehensive assessments to reduce the potential of harm to these protected species. White Water Associates is listed by the Michigan Department of Natural Resources as a reliable consultant or identifying and performing surveys for endangered and threatened plant and animal species. White Water has conducted threatened and endangered plant and animal surveys in a variety of settings including natural areas, state and federal lands, conservancy lands, transmission corridors, transportation rights-of-way, Tribal lands, construction sites, and private property.

Rare plant surveys are typically conducted by an ecologically informed meander search. In this technique, the botanist uses knowledge of the species of interest to search the most appropriate habitats. Knowledge of plant phenology is crucial so that the seasonal timing of surveys is appropriate. If a rare species is detected, the botanist carefully characterizes the extent of the colony, describes the micro-habitat, and determines the associated species.

Techniques used for surveys for rare animals depend on the target species.