Lakes: Studies, Plans, and Management

Lakes are the jewels that define the north country of Wisconsin and Michigan. White Water Associates staff has conducted lake consulting projects for nearly thirty years in this region. Working with lake associations, natural resource and governmental agencies, and private landowners, White Water’s approach to the entire lake ecosystem and the surrounding landscape integrates expertise in water chemistry, landscape ecology, aquatic plants, habitat, fish, water associated birds and mammals, aquatic insects, freshwater mussels, and aquatic invasive species.

We work with Wisconsin lake associations through the Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources Lake and Aquatic Invasives Grants (including large and small scale planning grants, aquatic invasive species grants, and rapid response grants). We assist lake associations and lake districts prepare technical proposals and carry out the tasks involved with lake studies and the preparation of lake management plans, aquatic plant management plans, and aquatic invasive species plans. These efforts involve engaging lake stewards and other stakeholders through presentations and other educational efforts.

Our lake consulting efforts are supported by our abilities in conducting water chemistry monitoring, dissolved oxygen profiles, sediment sampling, aquatic plant surveys (typically by way of point-intercept method), surveys for aquatic invasive species, and assessment of shallow water (littoral zone), lakes shore, and riparian habitats. We have reliable equipment and state-of-the-art tools to carry out field work efficiently, effectively, and safely.