White Water Associates can provide scientific SCUBA diving services in river and lake environments. Our services include scientific collection, aquatic invasive species monitoring and removal, rapid response procedures for aquatic invasive species, and native species monitoring. Combining our biological training with SCUBA skills allows us to:

  • Conduct threatened and endangered species surveys (for example, endangered mussel surveys for highway projects where stream crossings are involved)
  • Identify aquatic invasive species with early detection methods
  • Take inventory of freshwater mussels
  • Study impacts of aquatic invasive species on native species
  • Map zebra mussel infestations
  • Remove zebra mussels during early stages of invasion
  • Evaluating fish habitat
  • Collect sediment samples
  • Assess Eurasian water-milfoil by quadrat biomass study
  • Manually control Eurasian water-milfoil
  • Monitor rusty crayfish
  • Characterize benthic habitat
  • Conduct visual and tactile underwater dives for artificial monitoring substrates
  • Train divers or snorkelers in rapid response to aquatic invasive species
  • Monitor trash in water bodies and organize cleanup strategies
  • Shoot underwater photography
  • Educate others about aquatic invasive species and SCUBA diving procedures