Forms and Directions

White Water Associates laboratory provides some printable forms for your use in sampling, ordering bottles for your project, and directions for sample collection.

Chain of Custody (COC) is the form used to accompany your samples when they are delivered to the laboratory. This form gives the lab your client information as well as identification of the sample type, description, sampling date and time, and what tests you want run on the sample.

The following paragraphs begin with a link to a PDF file, requiring Adobe Acrobat or a browser capable of opening PDFs. It may be best to download the PDF if you have that option. (For PCs, right click on the link and choose Save Link As. For Macs, hold down the Control key before clicking to access that menu. In most cases the downloaded file can be accessed by clicking on the down arrow on the upper right of the screen.)

COC print-only version: Print this version and fill by hand.

COC version to print or fill on computer: Same as previous version, but can be filled using Adobe Acrobat. with fields that can be filled in and printed. Use the Tab key or mouse to move from field to field. It is recommended that you save a version to your hard drive, then open directly in Acrobat (rather than through your browser's Acrobat viewer). Please keep in mind, this file cannot be save permanently without Acrobat Standard or Pro, and any work during the session will be lost. Print your filled out form before exiting.

Here are some helpful documents:

Directions for Filling Chain of Custody Form and Example (pdf, 2 pages)

Coliform Sampling: a visual, step-by-step instructions (pdf, 7 pages)

Sampling Directions for Other Drinking Water Tests (pdf)

Sampling Directions for Lead and Copper Tests (pdf)

Sampling Directions for Methanol Preserved Soil Samples (pdf)



Types of Containers / Bacteria Sampling Instructions (pdf, 1 page) 7/3/2017

Common Drinking Water Tests and Kits / Sample Chain-of-Custody (pdf, 1 page) 7/3/2017

Two page version of above two single-page PDFs (pdf, 2 pages) 7/3/2017

Common Drinking Water Tests and Kits (brochure version) (pdf, 1 page) 5/8/2017