Other Drinking Water Tests

White Water Associates laboratory also tests for other parameters for drinking water. Some of the commonly requested tests are listed below.

  • Nitrate Nitrogen - $15
  • Nitrite Nitrogen - $15
  • Nitrate/Nitrite Nitrogen - $15
  • Fluoride - $25
  • Chloride - $15
  • Hardness, Sodium, Iron - $15
  • Sulfate - $15
  • Lead and Copper in Drinking Water - $25
  • Other Metals - $15/each metal – these metals include antimony, arsenic, selenium, barium, beryllium, cadmium, chromium, mercury, lead, silver, nickel, thallium, copper, zinc, manganese, strontium, calcium, magnesium

The parameters listed above must be shipped to the lab on ice in an insulated cooler. Here are other sampling directions.

  • Wash hands thoroughly, do not open sample bottle until you are ready to proceed. Sample results are dependent on proper sampling technique.  
  • Sample must be taken from a tap that is representative of the water distribution system, preferably from the sample tap located at or near the water pressure tank. If the pressure tank is not accessible, the sample will be collected from another water tap that is representative of the drinking water system. 
  • Water tap must be free of aerators, strainers, hose attachments, mixing type faucets, and purification devices.
  • The COLD water tap must be used and the service line cleared before sampling by running the water for at least two minutes, or until the temperature changes. 
  • Do not touch the inside of the sample bottle or cap.
  • Completely fill containers so sample volume is sufficient to perform required tests. 
  • Place bottle and Chain of Custody Form in the mailing packet or box to send to lab with check for payment made out to White Water Associates – to the address below (at the bottom of this page). 

The sample collector is responsible for properly packaging and returning the samples to the laboratory for analysis. Priority Mail US Postal Service will deliver UP samples here overnight and received by us at 8 AM the next morning. 

The following information must be entered on a Chain of Custody form in indelible ink:

  • Client Name: Name, email address, mailing address and phone number to send report
  • Samplers Signature: Name of person taking the sample 
  • Sample Location: WSSN or other identification of sample location (ex. kitchen tap)-use as many lines as necessary in this column to include the following information: (a) Sample Source – drinking water, surface water, wastewater, etc., (b) System Owner Name, Collection Site Address 
  • Time of Collection 
  • Date of Collection 
  • Analysis Type Requested: for example, Nitrate/Nitrite, Lead/Copper, etc.
  • Remarks: Let us know if you want reported directly to the Local Health Dept. - name County 
  • Transport/relinquished by information – signature/date/time 
  • Keep the pink copy for yourself and send the white and yellow to us with sample.